Common Moving Mistakes

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Common Moving Mistakes

Here are a few moving mistakes that people commonly run into with Indianapolis movers:

Forgetting to contact service providers

This can cause you to be responsible for paying for services that you did not use or create.

You can contact service providers as soon as you anticipate your move and provide them with a final date of service. This will allow you to only be responsible for services that you used and prevent others from using your services without your knowledge.

If you’re moving to a new home within the same area you can even schedule services to be connected prior to your move so that they are ready when you move in.

Failure to complete a change of address

If you do not submit a change of address 14 days prior to your move your mail may end up in the wrong hands. This can cause your person information to be compromised should others get your mail without your knowledge.

Not having insurance coverage

You can contact your homeowner’s or rental insurance company to ensure that you have insurance coverage during your moving experience.

This will provide you with the comfort and security of knowing that should your property be damaged or lost during the move it will be covered for replacement.

Not completing proper move out procedures

Individuals that are renting their current residence are required to complete a final inspection checklist with their landlord. This provides a final account that cannot be disputed as to the condition of the premises when you move out.

Damage can occur within the premises by trespassers following your departure from the home which can be blamed on you if your landlord does not witness the move out condition with you.

If you paid a deposit at the beginning of your lease you may be required by local and state laws and statues to file certain documentation to retrieve this money.  The laws that govern these situations are strict and specific.  Failure to properly adhere to them can mean a loss for you.

Forgetting to complete an inspection

It is necessary to report any problems with your property that is moved by a moving company within a certain amount of time if you want to file a claim.

An inspection of these items should be done before signing anything that the moving company may require after the transition is completed. This will prevent you from having a hard time collecting compensation for damaged or lost items that can occur during your relocation.

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